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The correct choice of electro-hydraulic grab
2019-03-06 15:41:15

The Hydraulic Grab is a working device that powers the hydraulic cylinder through a hydraulic power source to drive the opening and closing of the left and right combination buckets or the plurality of jaws to grab and unload the bulk material. The biggest effect of the hydraulic grab is to use a number of cylinders to push the flaps separately, resulting in different resistances. The hydraulic grabs form different shapes, and the bucket flaps of the grabs respectively grab the material, clamp, and not leak.

The hydraulic grab is placed on the raised pile and the resistance of the picking is different from that of the pile placed on the recess. After the grab of the hydraulic grab is closed, in order to ensure that the grab does not leak, the hydraulic grab is designed. It is intentionally let the motor continue to work for a few seconds, and the pressure of the hydraulic grab is maintained for a few seconds to reach the maximum set pressure.

Dust Proof Hopper

It is more complicated to operate the electro-hydraulic grab than the ordinary electro-hydraulic machine, and the technical content is high. Because the shape of the material is changed, the specific gravity of the material is changed, and the position of the grab is changed. The technical quality is changing. The complicated problem is solved by the ordinary electric hydraulic pump station installed on the grab, will there be no problem?

The ordinary electro-hydraulic grab pump station system is controlled by pump, and is composed of motor, quantitative pump, control valve, overflow valve, oil pipe and oil cylinder. Quantitative pump grab oil temperature rise consequences: waste energy; accelerate the aging of seals; accelerate the aging of oil pipes; oil viscosity decreases, system leakage increases, work is unstable, such as holding pressure can not keep, the goods seized Will fall off; hydraulic oil deterioration; slow down and affect production.

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